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Exploring Nature’s Classroom: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Remember those awe-inspiring childhood field trips where your textbook science lesson came to life right in front of you? That is what the Kids in Parks Program is all about – creating those unforgettable moments for the next generation through investments in educational adventures to Tennessee State Parks.

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Parks of Possibility: Creating New Memories at Radnor Lake State Park

Will and Candie Ferrell Discuss the Transformative Power of Community at Radnor Lake State Park’s All-Terrain Wheelchair Unveiling Event

Candie Ferrell and her son Will both foster a deep connection with nature, engaging in recreational opportunities and serving as stewards of their community. Their shared love for the Tennessee state parks system is not unique. The Ferrells are like any other family with a passion for the outdoors, except that their experiences differ from most.

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Embracing Inclusion at Natchez Trace

Removing Barriers: Adult Changing Table At Natchez Trace

Natchez Trace State Park now has even more to offer, with the addition of an adult changing table designed to accommodate personal hygiene needs for park visitors of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Now, more families can fully enjoy and explore this great park — just like Micah’s.

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Enhancing Accessibility at Our Parks

Access To New Experiences At Radnor Lake State Park

At the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, we work to support projects and programs that preserve, protect and enhance Tennessee’s parks system.

Thanks to a generous gift from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), we are proud to unveil a new trail-ready wheelchair, now available for use at Radnor Lake State Park.

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