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Colorblind Viewfinders

Tennessee lands are filled with vibrant greens, bright reds, oranges and vivid yellows. But not everyone can experience the full beauty.

While people with normal color vision see more than a million hues and colors, people with color blindness only see an estimated 2-10% of them. As a result, their world view is less vibrant, with some colors appearing muddled or indistinguishable.

We’ve supported the installation of a colorblind viewfinder at Fort Pillow State Park, equipped with EnChroma® lenses designed to alleviate red-green color blindness. The viewfinder enables those with color blindness to experience the vibrant beauty of nature more fully. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development also installed several colorblind viewfinders, making them available at seven State Parks, as well as other landmarks across Tennessee, and we have more installations in the works.

Click here for a full list of colorblind viewfinders across the state and stay tuned to our channels for updates on additional locations.