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My TN State Park Fundraiser | During April, vote for your favorite park and contribute back to a thriving system of state parks. Vote Now!


As the fundraising partner of Tennessee State Parks, our mission is to enhance park experiences for all. We do this by working with donors to provide diverse resources, projects and programs, while conserving natural spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Tennessee State Parks span almost 250,000 acres of protected land, but our impact reaches much farther than that.

Nature has a special way of combatting the stress and mental fatigue that are so common in today’s technology-driven world. Time outdoors has been proven to relax our minds and help us focus more effectively. It can also boost productivity, creativity and problem-solving skills. By reducing stress, nature also reduces cortisol levels, muscle tension and demands on cardiovascular systems, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Time outdoors is especially important for younger generations, as it’s proven to help improve social and cognitive skills, as well as physical and mental health. Many researchers agree that kids who play outside are often happier with less stress and improved focus.

Through our work to make park experiences more accessible and by providing resources to attract and inspire new parkgoers, we’re also supporting healthier, happier communities across the state.

Our Investments

Thanks to the support of both individual and corporate donors, we’ve made a significant impact on Tennessee State Parks. From enhancing access to trails through funding for all-terrain wheelchairs, to creating opportunities for schools to visit local state parks through the Kids in Parks program – we’re constantly working to support experiences that make a lasting impact on each park visitor.

However, there is more work to be done. Help us fund more adventure by clicking the donate button below. Contributions are tax deductible and go directly towards enhancing the Tennessee State Parks system for generations to come.

Economic Impact of Tennessee State Parks

In addition to physical and mental health benefits, Tennessee State Parks also help drive a thriving economy. A 2021 economic impact study conducted for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) found that TN State Parks drove $2.1 billion in statewide impact, $144 million from capital projects and $31 million from facilities and land maintenance projects.