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Kids in Parks

Our programs are focused on finding new methods to represent diverse, equitable, inclusive and just dialogues that can be shared not only at our state parks, but in our school classrooms. One of the critical barriers keeping local schools from accessing state parks is transportation.

To close the outdoor equity gap, our Kids in Parks program supports Title 1 public schools with funds to cover transportation, making educational field trips to neighboring state parks possible. Students can learn STEM lessons as well as history, art and writing.
There is a plethora of research proving that time outdoors reduces stress and improves mental health, especially for young kids. With younger generations spending more and more time on screens, it’s especially important to raise awareness of these benefits and provide more opportunities for kids to connect with nature.

In 2023, our Kids in Parks program engaged more than 91,000 kids, many of whom had never previously been on a hiking trail.

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