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My TN State Park Fundraiser

Show love for your favorite Tennessee State Park throughout April.

For the forth year in a row, Tennessee State Parks in partnership with Tennessee State Parks Conservancy is hosting the “My TN State Park” fundraiser–allowing you to vote for your favorite state park. Each $1 Donation = One Vote.

The proceeds from the My TN State Park Fundraiser will be earmarked for critical projects that underscore our mission to enhance and protect the parks. From the restoration of hiking trails that meander through our parks’ diverse ecosystems, to supporting the welfare of animal ambassadors that play a crucial role in educational programs, and bolstering our educational efforts to inspire future generations of conservationists, these funds will facilitate a range of improvements. These enhancements are vital in ensuring that Tennessee State Parks continue to offer enriching, accessible, and sustainable outdoor experiences for all who seek solace and adventure in our natural spaces.

About The Fundraiser

For the entire month of April, Tennessee State Park supporters can donate to vote for their favorite Tennessee State Park. These donations help make your favorite park even better! Explore individual park fundraising pages to see how we plan to put donations to work. These funds help improve and sustain our state parks and will support projects such as trail repair, birds of prey programs, and children’s education efforts.  

How Does A Park Win?

Parks are categorized into three groupings based on visitation. The park that receives the most votes within each group will be awarded unique wooded plaques featuring the names of their donors. There will also be an award for “most improved” given to the park with the highest percentage increase in donations from last year’s fundraiser to this year and awards given to all parks that meet their established goal. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 8 on