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Tag: Native Wildflower Seeds

How to Make Seed Balls


– Three sheets recycled paper

(newspaper, construction paper)

– Native wildflower seeds

– Strainer

– Mixing bowl

– Two cups water

– Plastic Bag


* Tear up your sheets of paper into small shreds.
* Place the shredded paper into the plastic bag.
* Add two cups of water to the plastic bag and seal.
* Keeping the bag sealed, mash together the paper shreds and water until the mixture becomes a mushy pulp.
* Pour the contents of the bag into a strainer that is placed inside of your mixing bowl (or a sink).
* Press your fingers into the mushy pulp to push out water.
* Leave enough water that you can still shape the pulp into a ball.
* Take a pinch of native wildflower seeds, and press the pulp ball into them, mixing everything together.
* Set aside to dry for two days.
* Once the seed balls have dried, they are ready to be planted to help Pollinate the State!

How to Make Seed Balls