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Exploring Nature’s Classroom: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Remember those awe-inspiring childhood field trips where your textbook science lesson came to life right in front of you? That is what the Kids in Parks Program is all about – creating those unforgettable moments for the next generation through investments in educational adventures to Tennessee State Parks.

In March, we supported the seventh-grade class of Cascade Middle School with a trip to Henry Horton State Park for a lesson in water quality and its importance in sustaining life. Along the gorgeous Duck River, Park Ranger Samantha Davenport led the students in hands-on activities like collecting water samples, testing the water quality and observing the critters that call the river home.

As the students experimented, they not only discovered the significance of natural waterways but also got to engage with nature and with each other in new ways. We’re proud to create opportunities for students to explore the outdoors and make lasting memories with their classmates.

Through priorities like the Kids in Parks program and our partnership with Tennessee State Parks, we work to broaden access to the state’s natural areas and resources. This field trip is one of the ways we help ignite adventure, curiosity and imagination in students, one discovery at a time.

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